Originally trained in performance, I never thought I would fall in love with teaching. Performing was always fun. My experiences were many and varied including working in recording studios doing backup vocals and solo recording, singing at musical festivals, and touring in Europe.

I have been blessed to sing under some of the most notable 20th & 21st century composers and conductors. I wanted to take that experience and distill it into a voice teaching method that made singing accessible to all who had the desire.

After a brief stint teaching choral music in public schools at the high school level, It was clear that teaching filled my spirit more than performing did. I was inspired to strike out on my own and make my living with the Magic Voice Studio.  I have not regretted that decision a single day.

It is true that if you love your work, you never work a day.  I can say for certain that a drab day for me always brightens when the first student walks through my door.

Voice training in private lessons is focused on the individual and I meet each student where they are. 

My goal is to help the student identify their gifts and achieve their personal goals in a nurturing environment. I am consistently seeking opportunities for singers to stretch their abilities in new and fun ways.  Those opportunities range from theatrical productions and small studio recitals to traveling out of state for National competitions and auditions.

I look for places where students can use their music to provide options for community service, performing for many local entities. I have also had great success in the online model, and have been doing lessons across the country online since 2015.